DevHub Swiss Knife App

DevHub Swiss Knife App  DevHub Swiss-Knife is a versatile application that provides a collection of tools to assist developers and users alike, In their daily tasks. With various features and functionalities, this app offers a comprehensive set of tools to enhance productivity and streamline development processes. Here's an overview of the tools available:

- Text Operations: Perform various operations on text, including case transformations, trimming, replacement, text removal, appending, sorting, formatting, escaping, filtering, and more.

- SQL, JSON, XML, and HTML: Work with structured data formats, such as validating, minifying, formatting, and performing operations specific to each format.

- Random: Generate random values, such as random numbers or random strings, for testing or other purposes.

- Extractors: Extract specific information or patterns from text or data using extractors designed for different use cases.

- Validators: Validate the correctness and integrity of JSON, XML, HTML, and YAML files to ensure they conform to the respective standards.

- Minifiers: Reduce the size of files, such as JSON, XML, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, or plain text, by removing unnecessary whitespace and optimizing code.

- Formatters: Format and prettify JSON, XML, HTML, and SQL code to enhance readability and maintain consistent styling.

- Generators: Generate various data types, including GUID/UUID, hash values, HMAC codes, and fake data for testing or simulation purposes.

- Data Faker: generate fake data for various categories. Use these functions to generate names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, job titles, countries, dates, random texts, credit card numbers, company names, product names, Lorem Ipsum, URLs, and IP addresses.

- Converters: Convert text to Morse code, perform number conversions, and carry out operations related to number padding, sorting, and more.

- Number Operations: provides features for padding numbers, converting numbers, sorting them, and generating random numbers, and more.

- Parsers: Parse URLs, extract information from structured URLs and work with numbers by padding, converting, and sorting them.

- Date/Time Operations: Perform operations related to date and time, such as adding/subtracting time, calculating time differences, validating leap years, converting to/from UNIX timestamps, and working with different time zones.

- ASCII Art: generate ASCII Art

- And more...